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There are many different versions of Angry Birds games. The games differ slightly in gameplay and feature many cool extra features. You can play Angry Birds Friends APK with your friends if you want to compete with them.

Angry Birds Friends APK Story

In the world of mobile entertainment, Angry Birds Friends is a part of the popular Angry Birds series. The exciting cast of characters, as well as the way it plays, feel too familiar. However, this time playing is easier and more enjoyable. On top of that, the players can challenge their Facebook friends to participate as well.

Friends of Angry Birds celebrates the fierce anger of Angry Birds. A number of fat pigs were sent into the forest by Chef Pig and King Pig in order to steal the birds’ eggs. Among the Angry Birds were some of their friends who were kidnapped as well. They have since been found, however. However, his accomplices were able to save him and the fat pig then disappeared in a hot air balloon. Red got mad, so he beat up all the fat pigs and saved his friends Blue and Bomb.

Angry Birds Friends APK

Angry Birds Friends APK Gameplay

The gameplay has been enhanced with Angry Birds Friends, since more items have been added, making it easier to play and to win. If you choose coordinates-based shooting, you will still be provided with a certain number of birds based on colors. They will then take turns fighting. The fat pigs are on the right. Pigs will form an orderly line in this front line accompanied by a solid offensive formation of wooden bars, squares, and triangles forming a towering structure.

To make the pigs fall, you need to use the slingshot to shoot the birds in an effective position to damage their formation and structure. Your team wins when no fat pigs are left in the above structure.

This part of the series has the same simple gameplay as previous ones in the series. You can make the slingshot stretch by touching and dragging the screen. In order for the birds to flee, you must move left, right, and up and down as appropriate to customize the shot force, angle, and coordinates.

A giant golden egg awaits you if you pass the level quickly and skillfully. There are various items inside each egg. It will help you find the hiding place quickly. Depending on how many stars you earn after each level, your total score will be calculated. You will open other more attractive levels if you have enough stars.

Best Features


The Angry Birds Friends APK provides you with powerful equipment to enable you to win the match. The bird will be able to break through the wall easier if it uses Power Potion. A Slingscope will enable you to aim with maximum precision.

A Slingscope will enable you to aim with maximum precision. You can play online as well. Show off your top skills in an exciting tournament with your friends. Additionally, players can also share special moments with their friends through Facebook.

Angry Birds Friends APK

HD Graphics

Angry Birds Friends APK uses a 3D design. With meticulously refined image quality, players will have an enhanced sense of realism. A cartoon depiction of Angry Birds and blue pigs. Particularly, their facial expressions are cute and funny, creating a sense of closeness and delight. Through birdsongs and pig calls, combined with vivid sound quality. This will increase players’ excitement during gameplay.

Angry Birds Friends Competition and Challenges

Playing that game in group form allows you to compete online with your friends and family members. With each running mission, you can face a variety of challenges. Once you complete a running mission, you will be able to advance to the next level.

Levels are Update Every Week

Angry Birds Friends contains 24 levels that will change every week, giving you a variety of surprises at every level. So, if you think it’s going to be like the old and boring version, think again. Numerous thrilling matches are held every week, so it won’t become boring; on the contrary, it will stimulate plenty of players’ curiosity and conquest.

Players are always tempted to want to be conquered due to the various levels of play that are offered to them, wanting to be the first to defeat their opponent. Each level has a gradually increasing difficulty level, which makes defeating those opponents difficult. Make sure you defeat any opponents who anger the birds.

Download Angry Birds Friends APK

Angry Birds Friends is a good option if you are still unsure which Angry Birds game to play. Players can enter different tournaments of varying levels or challenge their Facebook friends to gain high rankings in the game. You may wish to try Angry Birds Friends if you are not sure about which Angry Birds game you wish to play. There are a variety of tournaments to compete in, as well as the opportunity to challenge your Facebook friends for prestigious rankings. I recommend that you play it right away. Enjoy the game!

Angry Birds Friends APK


How do I play that game offline?

Yes, Playing Angry Birds does not require the addition of additional features. To play with your Facebook friends in group form, first, you must have internet data or a wifi connection, or you must purchase new items or upgrade your bird, then you must have a data plan.

What is the number of levels in the angry Birds friends game?

The google play store version includes 30 new challenge levels, but an Apk version, it has more than 100 levels.