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Size 55 MB
Latest Version 1.96.3
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Ludo Star Apk v1.96.3 (Unlimited Money and Gems) Free Download

Many board games have been played to you since your childhood. It is impossible to forget the fun we had playing them as children. As much as we would like to forget those amazing experiences of playing Carrom, chess, ludo, and so many other games, it is impossible to do so. We live in a completely digital era due to the passing of time.

Several board games are now available in the APK format. Playing them anywhere is as simple as downloading them onto our smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Ludo Star APK has been transformed into a mobile game, just like all the board games. It has been designed to be played with your friends, family members, and cousins, which will just enhance your get-together experience.

A ludo game can be played with friends or with strangers. Since the game is globally available, you are able to play with anyone by chance. According to the standards of the game, 1 to 3 players can play simultaneously. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all the tricks you used to enjoy when playing regular Ludo games. You should read the description of this game in order to learn more about it. Here is what Ludo Star APK has in store for you.

Ludo Star Apk

Ludo Star APK

APK version of Ludo Star is a well-known board game that was transformed into a smartphone version. If you have added friends in your Facebook account, you can play Ludo with them, or you can play with random people. It is very easy to play with 1 or 3 players after choosing your favorite color.

Playing this game will provide you with so many gold and rewards every day. This game allows you to win money that you can use to bet on future matches. Afterward, you will receive additional gold and money.


Play Ludo Star APK Unlimited

Players have unlimited access to this game. You can play Ludo anywhere and anytime since it can now be played on your mobile phone, which you can carry around with you. This game is such a delight because it can be played with your friends as well as with anyone. This game does not have a time limit, so you can play it anywhere and at any time.

Play with Friendly Players

Ludo can be played by 1, 2, or 4 players simultaneously. The mode you choose is up to you. It is possible to carry on your game with this many players. Selecting the mode in which you want to play is all you need to do.

One, two, or three additional players who would like to play with you will be able to add them immediately as this game can be played with friends from Facebook and of course with strangers across the world. Because of its regular style, people enjoy playing this game.

Unlimited Gold Coins

The gold coins you earn while playing this game can be saved and used for future matches. In order to start a regular Ludo match, you need at least 600 gold coins. If you do not have 600 gold coins, you can’t play this game.

Every time you play a new match, you can win it so you can win the double reward you invested in when you first started the game. The longer you play, the more gold coins you earn.

Ludo Star Apk

Variations of Gameplay

The game has 4 very interesting modes. You can choose between classic, master, and quick, depending on your preference. Starting with the easier modes, you progress to the harder ones. Players who enjoy leveling up can test their luck and skills by moving from one level to another.

This instills confidence in the players, and they become more confident about their Ludo play. Through their advancement in the game, they can become a ludo expert, easily earning gold coins and money to become a megastar.

Connecting With Facebook

Connect your Facebook account to your game and you will be able to play the game. You can play with your Facebook friends and save your achievements, gold coins, as well as your performance when you connect your Facebook account with Ludo. Seeing who is online and challenging them is very simple.

Contact with the Players

Now you can chat with the players online, which is another interesting feature. The feature is nothing new in games, but for ludo it is distinctive. You can send text messages to the people in this feature to chat with them live. The fact that people are able to make friends with unknown people is a very exciting new thing and that’s how they are forming long-lasting relationships by playing ludo together and chatting.

Easily Addictive

All players would love to play this game again once they have played it once. Thus, they become addicted to this game and play it all the time. This is due to the fun and excitement this game offers.

How to download Ludo Star Apk?

This is the best APK for the game Ludo Star. Those who have played Ludo Star know that it is not an ordinary game, but something interesting and you will never get bored playing it. Follow the below-mentioned steps in order to play this game if you are interested.

  1. Download the Ludo star game first by opening your play store.
  2. After you have downloaded the file, open it and click on the install option.
  3. Once the game terms and conditions have been accepted, you are ready to play.
  4. You are now ready to play the game once you have completed all the things mentioned above.
  5. You will most definitely notice that this game is different from other games of its kind as soon as you start playing it.
  6. There are many new features in this version of Ludo Stars mod Apk that are not found in other versions of Ludo Star games.
  7. We will keep you updated with more information regarding modded versions of other games as well.

Ludo Star Apk


When playing the game, players have many options. Playing the game, you can either turn off sound effects or background music. You are able to play the game in the way you prefer, which is great. No advertisements are included in this application, which makes it great since you won’t be interrupted while you are playing. This game is similar to many others, but none of them can match how much fun it is and how long it will keep you entertained for hours on end as this one can.


How much space does Ludo Star APK take up?

An Android version of Ludo Star APK is 30 MBs in size, which is suitable for any smartphone, regardless of its age, version, or Android version.

Where can I get coins?

Watching videos provides you with coins, and you can also acquire coins by playing armor games.